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Dawning Arts Project

To Uplift and Edify Through New Music

TWO BRIDGES MUSIC PRESS is proud to be a branch of the Dawning Arts Project, dedicated to making the world a place of greater peace, unity, and respect through our music. There are countless ways to do this, including those listed below. Should you wish to help contribute to this cause, click on each picture to learn more about it.

Food Donation

Charitable Donations

Each month, TWO BRIDGES chooses a charity to donate a portion of its profits to. These charities range from animal adoption to health care to sheltering disadvantaged communities. Every dollar you spend on music helps fund these noble causes.

Public Education

The arts are usually among the first programs to get cut from public schools when budgets are tight. Like our charitable donations, we donate a portion of our monthly profits to these schools to help keep music an option in the curriculum.

Classical Music Players
Young Woman Playing Piano

Young Artists Contests and Commissions

There is so much talent in young composers and performers that goes unnoticed, usually due to a lack of funding and/or opportunities. TWO BRIDGES regularly holds competitions, calls for scores, and commission opportunities for young musicians at the very beginning of their careers to help them get their journey started with momentum and support.


Someday schools will have all the money they ever need and the Air Force will have to hold a bake sale to buy another bomber. But until that time, we provide scholarships of various sizes to help defray the cost of music education, easing the financial burden of our promising young musicians.

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Graduation Ceremony
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