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About Us

Bridges over the Willamette River in Albany, Oregon
Stock photo of handwritten sheet music

Photo by Gary Halvorson, Oregon  State Archive

Handwritten sheet music by American composer Michael Merrill

Making it easier for composers and performers to create new music together.

TWO BRIDGES MUSIC PRESS was founded in 2022 with the mission to make it easier for composers and performers to make music together.


Many musicians today are keen on championing music by up-and-coming composers, realizing that new music is the lifeblood of the art. Because of the difficulty that comes with navigating the big-time publishing houses, most emerging composers opt to self-publish their works, leaving potential performers to go out of their way to search for good music or rely solely on personal relationships. TWO BRIDGES is a one-stop shop dedicated to new works.


Our composers are skilled and dedicated, and they deserve to have their music performed worldwide. However, marketing and advertising are not usually among the courses they take during their studies, leaving a gap between writing music and selling it. What’s more, marketing takes time – time that would be better spent composing. Though we’re a comparatively small operation, TWO BRIDGES handles all of that grunt work connecting composers and performers so that you can spend more time actually making music.

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