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Frequently asked


  • Why only digital music?
    TWO BRIDGES MUSIC PRESS is an infant - nay, a new-born publishing house with limited resources...for now. Our goal is to treat our composers the same way that the big-name publishers do, complete with advertising, engraving, and promoting benefits - something quite new for a business of our size. We are currently in our prototype, our beta testing, our proof-of-concept phase, and as the business grows and gains momentum, we will introduce that sweet, crisp, physical sheet music that - statistically speaking - actually outsells digital copies about 3-to-1.
  • Can I make copies of my downloaded purchases?
    NO!! At least, not without being that person who takes advantage of a lack of police-stating by the copyright watchdogs. Making photocopies of copyrighted sheet music, even after purchased, is illegal. It hurts the publisher and - more importantly - the composers who rely on the sales to earn their income and to continue to compose. Please be honest and help support new music by not making copies of your sheet music. (NOTE: Some of our digital pieces carry LIMITED copying allowances, generally for large ensembles, and only to make sure that each performer has a part to read.)
  • How do I commission a new work?
    Many of our composers have provided a way for TWO BRIDGES to handle new commissions for them. These composers have a link on their profile pages that will begin that process. If you would like a new work for your ensemble but aren't sure who would be the best fit, send an email to outlining what you're looking for, and we'll pair you with a couple of options of our fine composers that we feel would best suit your needs.
  • What are the benefits of publishing through TWO BRIDGES?
    Getting published as a composer is a rough task. To get into the big-name publishers, you basically have to prove to them that your music is already making enough money that you don't really need them to publish you. And the smaller houses, though easier to get into, usually don't do more than give you a spot on their shelf, not worrying about the services bigger publishers usually give their composers. TWO BRIDGES seeks to bridge that gap. Composers who are part of the TWO BRIDGES team enjoy the following benefits: SALES ROYALTIES: TWO BRIDGES offers our composers above average royalties on all sheet music sales. ADVERTISING: We want to get your music sold and performed! Therefore we regularly and frequently promote your music in every way we can to everybody who even might be interested: email campaigns, FaceBook ads, festivals, symposiums, anything we can wiggle our way into. COMMISSION AGENCY: Do professional actors spend all their time looking for new auditions? Do professional comedians devote hours, nay, days to researching their next venues? No way, Jack! They have agents do it for them. With TWO BRIDGES, you'll be able to opt into our Commission Agency program, which means that it becomes our job to find work for you. We seek out potential parties and negotiate the best fee for you, allowing you - a professional composer - to compose professionally.
  • How do I get my music published through TWO BRIDGES?
    We're so happy you asked! It's pretty simple, really. Just send a PDF copy of your proposed score(s) and, if possible, recordings of the pieces (live or computer generated both work fine) to Tell us a bit about yourself and your music and we'll start the evaluation and approval process right away. If your music is approved, you'll receive an email congratulating you and listing all of your pieces green-lit for publication. You'll also get instructions on what you need to do on your end so that we can get your in the catalog, ready to sell, as soon as we can. There will also be some paperwork to fill out, because business and life and stuff. If your music does not get approved this time, PLEASE do not worry! We will keep you on our records and take notes on your strengths and potential as a composer, and we'll contact you after a little while and invite you to submit again.
  • What if I live outside the US/Canada?
    All the better! TWO BRIDGES is dedicated to promoting new music wherever it comes from! Currently the only languages we speak are English and Spanish, so if you aren't fluent in either of those it'll delay the process a little while we get in touch with translators, but it won't prevent it at all. Also, Google Translate can get the job done in a pinch.
  • How do I suggest a charity or school program to be included?
    By going to our Dawning Arts Project page, you can click on the buttons to send us a message nominating a charity/school of your choice.
  • How are charities and schools chosen?
    We select different organizations based on several factors. There are so many difference causes out there, and - knowing that it's impossible to please everybody all the time - we do our very best to make sure that your contributions through your patronage don't go to programs that are dishonest or that do harm to others. When selecting the timing of which charities to support, we try to go with those that are more relevant to the season. For instance, during June we'll choose a charity like the Trevor Project, and in November we'll select an organization to help disadvantaged children in preparation of the Holiday season. Unfortunately, we can't choose every cause that comes by our desk, but we will try our very best.
  • What charities are currently being supported?
    To keep up to date on which charities and schools are receiving our contributions, or are scheduled to be in the near future, please subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date on our blog.
  • Scholarships?
    We're working on that. With how small this operation is at the moment, we just don't have the funds to award anything meaningful to college students. But we are doing all we can to accrue the resources necessary to provide financial aid as soon as we can.
  • How else can I help?
    If you want to contribute to the Dawning Arts Project but don't have a need for any of our sheet music, send us an email at to find out how you can help to uplift and edify other through new music.
  • Can I nominate something not in North America?
    Absolutely! Just as we boast a wide array of home countries for our composers, we want to be involved in supporting worthy causes all over the world. Just note that for those charities/schools outside the US and Canada, the process to partner with them will probably take just a bit longer to solidify.
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