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Casting a gentle and thoughtful gaze upon the universal human experience of decision-making, "Airs in Flux" serves as a musical exploration of the emotions that life-altering decisions evoke. It's not a grand statement, but a humble journey into the heart of these pivotal moments. The shifting harmonies and fluttering wind sections in the piece are less about spectacle and more about mirroring the very human feeling of uncertainty we often face at such crossroads. These elements echo the changing perspectives, questions, and considerations that naturally arise during these crucial times.

Despite the introspection and subtle ambiguity, "Airs in Flux" also weaves in a thread of understated optimism. It quietly reminds us of the potential for growth inherent in life's challenges, encouraging a stance of gentle resilience. The ethereal soundscape doesn't impose, but rather suggests an openness to life's unpredictability, softly inviting listeners to embrace the uncertainty. It gently reassures us of the value in trusting our path, even when the way forward isn't clear. In its humbleness, "Airs in Flux" ultimately offers a comforting reminder that every decision, big or small, is but a single note in the grand composition of our lives.


Duration c. 4' 10"

Difficulty: Grade 3.5-4


Instrumentation and parts included:

Conductor Score (1)

Piccolo (1)

1st Flute (3)

2nd Flute (3)

Oboe (2)

Bassoon (2)

1st Clarinet in B-flat (3)

2nd Clarinet in B-flat (3)

3rd Clarinet in B-flat (3)

Bass Clarinet (1)

Soprano Saxophone (1)

   Alternative Alto Saxophone substitute (1)

Alto Saxophone (2)

Tenor Saxophone (2)

Baritone Saxophone (1)

1st Trumpet in B-flat (3)

2nd Trumpet in B-flat (3)

1st Horn in F (2)

2nd Horn in F (2)

1st Trombone (2)

2nd Trombone (2)

Euphonium (2)

   Alternative Treble Clef Baritone (2)

Tuba (2)

Percussion I (1)


Percussion II (1)


Percussion III (1)


Percussion IV (1)

   Tubular Bells

Percussion V (1)

   Suspended Cymbal

Percussion VI (1)

   Bass Drum

Airs in Flux - Howard

SKU: G0040*
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