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A Message from the Founder

Hey there! Welcome to TWO BRIDGES MUSIC PRESS! My name is Mike Merrill, and I'm the founder of this new enterprise.

TWO BRIDGES was founded on the belief that publishers should do more to help full-time composers (especially those starting their careers) actually compose full time.

The thing about composers (speaking from my own personal experience as well of that of so many of my colleagues) is that we spend an awful lot of time learning and honing our craft, and by the time our schools hand us those fancy pieces of paper that says we learned stuff, we're so ready to venture out into wild and show the world what we got. Except... we don't really know how to get the world's attention.

Getting published is such a tricky thing. The small publishers are usually very quick to add young composers to their repertoire, but they seldom do more than just offer a spot on their shelf. No publicity, no composer services, no nothing. On the other hand, the big-time companies won't add you to their roster unless you can show them that you're already making enough income with your music to prove that you don't actually need them in the first place.

TWO BRIDGES is all about changing that.

We go out of our way to seek and find emerging composers who not only write good music, but show potential to write even better pieces. We provide the services that the big publishing houses offer (engraving, promotion, etc.), and we make it our full-time business to find interested parties who share our vision of uplifting and edifying through new music. We take care of the grunt work so our composers can take care of the magic.

And it's not just for our composers, either. Because of these issues with the music publishing world, a huge portion of new composers turn to self-publishing, which comes with its own pros and cons. Self-published composers keep every penny of their sales profits, but they lose precious time in the actual composing. They can publish each and every piece they write, but need to navigate the complex world of marketing and advertising - something very few music grads know a whole heck of a lot about. And the biggest drawback is that in order to be discovered by potential performers, they (the patrons) have to take time to navigate the infinite well of the internet in an effort to find that new sound they're craving.

Again, TWO BRIDGES to the rescue. By focusing on these new composers with a vast array of sounds, styles, and ideas, we're creating a fresh resource of new music for conductors, soloist, and ensembles to discover their next favorite composer.

So take a look around. Browse our ever-expanding catalog. Commission one of our composers for an original piece of your own. Leave us a comment and ask a question or two.

Happy music making!


Founder and Merciful Despot, TWO BRIDGES MUSIC PRESS

My beard is much shorter since this picture was taken.

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