The publishing contracts are now written! You should expect to see them in your inboxes in the next day or so. Please do get them signed and back to me soon, along with the financial paperwork necessary for me to pay you your due royalties. If I don't get them before the new year, I won't be able to pay you until July.

Now that Sophie's dance recital is done, this week is wide open for work, and I'm excited to get an awful lot of edits and engraving done. If all goes well, I might even be able to move on to the next composer in the queue! And with the Christmas break coming up, I'm going to push myself rather hard to put as much music online before the new year. Once the catalog is completely up to date, I'll then be able to focus more on all the other stuff to get your music sold, like advertising, promoting your music at festivals and conferences, that sort of thing. Things are looking up!

In an effort to speed the process along even more, I'm dedicating Fridays back to normal publishing work again. I don't have any current commissions, so there's nothing pressing on that side of the job anyway. I'll reclaim Fridays when I either get a new commission or once the catalog is completely up to date, whichever comes first.

Progress Report

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All Pieces Overview

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The Queue

  1. Steve Danielson

  2. David Jones

  3. Nick Kelly

  4. Dianne Nelson

  5. Calum Carswell

  6. Emily Lassen

  7. Nate May

  8. Tobi Wolf

  9. Michael Merrill

  10. Juan Martinez

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