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Notes for this week:

Much the same as last week. A reminder that if a piece is in bold it just means that it's being given priority for the moment. If it's highlighted it means I need something from you before I can continue working on it. If a piece is in italics it means that I'm waiting on word from a third party before I can continue.

Priority on wind band music. Please make sure you send me the .xml or .mus or .musx file of your wind band pieces (marked in bold font) as soon as you can. These things take a bit longer to engrave due to all the parts that come with the scores, and they are easily the top sellers across most all publishers that sell a variety of ensembles. If you've already send them, thank you.


For the Newcomers:

Here's a quick overview of how you get your place in the queue and the progress report. It's mostly first-come first-serve, with those who've accepted the offer of publication in any way (usually just an acknowledgment over email) earlier getting quicker treatment. Once you, as a composer, are up for engraving, you'll be in the progress report as I go through each of your pieces. The "Stages" of the process are:

  1. Engraving - Entering in all of the notes, etc., and making them easily readable.

  2. Fine edits - Nitty-gritty stuff. Getting everything in the sheet music brand-standard and top quality.

  3. Awaiting approval/corrections - I've sent you the PDFs to review. Now I'm waiting for you to let me know what adjustments you'd like me to make, or, if you're satisfied, to give me the green light to finish off the process.

  4. Uploading - The final stage. Just getting everything ready to put it online. You won't see a 100% marker on this, since once it's in the online catalog, I remove it from this page.

If you'd like a particular piece prioritized amongst your works for any reason, just let me know and I'll move it up to the top of your list. Otherwise, I just kinda go down the chart as you see it. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as an ensemble has told you that they want to perform a certain piece soon, etc., also let me know and I can expedite it no problem.

If you see your name is highlighted in The Queue, it means that I'm waiting for something to happen before I can move on. If your piece is highlighted, it means I'm waiting for something from you. If it's in italics, it means I'm waiting for some third party, usually a copyright holder.

Progress Report


All Pieces Overview


The Queue

  1. David Jones

  2. Alyson Fewless

  3. Nick Kelly

  4. Dianne Nelson

  5. Emily Lassen

  6. Tobi Wolf

  7. Nate May

  8. Michael Merrill

  9. Steve Danielson

  10. Hope Salmonson

  11. Mckenzie Ahlman

  12. Clare Howard

  13. Jeremy Zerbe

  14. Cam Cunningham

  15. Jack Oades

  16. Mathurin Gatte

  17. Daniel Brennan

  18. Jordan Gales

  19. Shun Hang (Henry) Chan

  20. Alexander Karpov

  21. Alexey Karpov

  22. Yasmine Sabbagh

  23. James Knox

  24. Eric Harmsen

  25. Nicholas Simon

  26. Francesco de Donatis

  27. Brian Wilshere

  28. Elizabeth Bonds

  29. Martin To

  30. Felix Lindsell-Hales

  31. Will Foster

  32. Eranan Thirumanan

  33. Barnabas Sharp

  34. Giuseppe Cigna

  35. Jason Erickson

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