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This version of "Bennachie Fanfare" for symphonic band by Michael Merrill is a stunning piece of music, inspired by the breathtaking Aberdeenshire landscape in northeastern Scotland. This majestic and driving composition is sure to captivate audiences of all ages with its powerful and dynamic melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. With intricate and driving lines for each part, this piece is perfect for experienced bands looking for a rewarding challenge. Overall, this is a must-have addition to any music lover's collection.




Conductor Score (1)

Piccolo (1)

1st Flute (3)

2nd Flute (3)

1st Oboe (1)

2nd Oboe (1)

1st Bassoon (1)

2nd Bassoon (1)

1st Clarinet in B-flat (3)

2nd Clarinet in B-flat (32

3rd Clarinet in B-flat (3)

Bass Clarinet (1)

Soprano Saxophone (1)

Alto Saxophone (1)

Tenor Saxophone (1)

Baritone Saxophone (1)

1st Trumpet in B-flat (2)

2nd Trumpet in B-flat (2

3rd Trumpet in B-flat (2)

1st Horn in F (1)

2nd Horn in F (1)

3rd Horn in F (1)

4th Horn in F (1)

1st Trombone (1)

2nd Trombone (1)

3rd Trombone (1)

Bass Trombone (1)

Euphonium (2)

   Alternative Treble Clef Baritone (2)

Tuba (2)

Double Bass (1)

Percussion I (1)

   Quad Toms, Glockenspiel

Percussion II (1)

   Snare Drum

Percussion III (1)

   Triangle, Tambourine, Tam-Tam, Bass Drum

Percussion IV (1)

   Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals, Chimes

Bennachie Fanfare (version for Band) - Merrill

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